A few very important principles

Code of Conduct

javaBin aims to create a community for Java technologists in Norway that is open to all and independent of commercial interests. To make this possible, we have created the following regulations for events and activities conducted by javaBin:

Violations of these requirements can lead to expulsion from an event and, potentially, exclusion from future javaBin events. javaBin also reserves the right to withhold any refund of entrance fees or other payments and to void a membership.

If you observe or are affected by a violation of these regulations

If you observe or are affected by a violation of the above regulations, please take immediate contact with a javaBin representative (who can normally be identified by their branded clothing and/or badges). If you are accused of a violation of these regulations and disagree with the accusation, please also get in touch. If you want to discuss a violation after an event or if you have any questions about these regulations, you can email us at: styret@java.no.

In case of a violation, our primary goal will be to provide support and help to those affected. A secondary goal, where applicable, will be to resolve the conflict.

In the case of disagreement in the interpretation or application of these regulations, a session of the javaBin board will rule on a case by case basis.