Ruby Tooling, State of The Art

Java integrated development environments (IDEs) have offered unparalleled productivity tools for developers. Refactoring, code completion, and static code analysis are all made possible by the Java programming language's static typing system. Dynamic languages, on the other hand, have traditionally left much to be desired in the tools department. Their proponents have argued that tools are not as necessary, because there is less code to write, and that unit tests can replace static checking. With dynamic languages such as Ruby being hosted on the Java platform, new efforts have been made to bring the features of Java IDEs to the dynamic language world. The results are promising: as a dynamic language developer, you can have your cake and eat it too. This technical session covers recent developments for Ruby in the NetBeans IDE and discusses future directions for research in this area, such as direct and statistical type inference, wide-ranging refactoring support, more-accurate code completion, and multilanguage editing and debugging.


Foredragsholder Tor Norbye