The Hundred Kilobytes Kernel (HK2)

The project "Hundred Kilobytes Kernel" (HK2) is a module subsystem coupled with a simple yet powerful component model to build software. It is a great technology to use in any Java software development and can be used in small devices such as phones up to enterprise applications. HK2 is designed to be friendly to existing technologies such as OSGi but it will also provide a path to the implementation of modules (JSR 277) in Java SE 7. HK2 is used as the foundation for GlassFish V3.


Foredragsholder Rikard Thulin
Foredragsholder Ferid Sabanovic

    * Introduction to component models, 2 min
          o OSGi
          o JSR 277
    * HK2 overview
          o Modules, 20 min
                + Modules
                      - Module definition
                      - Module packaging
                + The module subsystem
                      - Instances
                      - Unloading
                      - Modules and classloaders
                + Repository
                + Registry
          o Components, 20 min
                + Services
                      - The build system
                      - Runtime
                      - Instantiation
                      - Life Cycle
                + Inversion of Control
                      - Injection
                      - Extraction
                      - Instantiation cascading
    * Live demonstration, 5 min
    * How HK2 is used in GlassFish V3, 5 min
    * Q & A, 10 min

Required experience

    * None

Expected audience

    * Architects and developers